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One company is combining technology and with the human love for pets, to provide a one stop shop for pet needs. In a digital age of communication, creating a pet community can have many benefits for the owner, vet, and pet businesses. BabelBark, a startup looking to create an online pet community, is the first of its kind in the market. There idea is innovative and may provide solutions that pet owners can use to their advantage, ensuring that man’s best friend is always taken care of.

The start of the company began over two software engineers with an infinite love for their dogs. A big problem that dog owners — or any pet owners for that matter– is that they want to go on vacation or have a weekend trip that’s not exactly pet friendly. When someone wants to get a dog, people are always quick to say “well you know you can’t go anywhere once you have one.” But with a reliable sitter in place, it can put an ease of mind of the pet owners. They can adventure and travel worry free. To help with this, the owners of the company started an app to help sitters and pet owners find each other. The app was called BabelBark, and since it’s original launch has vastly expanded. The application now has a section called BizBark and showcases all the businesses available for your pet.

Beyond that, the company is dedicated to providing the best lives possible for pets. Healthy pets are happy pets. BabelBark went as far as to connect vets to pet owners with BabelVet. It’s essentially everything a pet owner needs for their fur baby all in one place. It’s a digital platform that brings a community of animal lovers together. The app helps schedule and cancel appointments and provides digital communication between owners and vets.

Bill Rebozo, co-founder of the company and software extroidinarre said, “I believe the smart use of technology can help our pets live happier and healthier lives, and I want to use my lifelong lifelong software experience to give them a voice.”

Both men who started the company are dynamite in their respective fields. Software engineers have to not only be the tech savvy pro, but they have to also cultivate a working knowledge of marketing and industry trends. Consumers have to actually use the app you make to build a profit.

Roy Stein, co-owner of the company said, There’s never been a better way to link everybody in a pet’s life. BabelBark is the only digital platform that brings everyone in a pet’s life together, because BabelBark links to BizBark for pet businesses + shelters and BabelVet for veterinary hospitals + clinics. So, everyone’s on the same page when it comes to care because everyone’s viewing the same profile.”

This type of service is not something that would have been dreamed up a few decades ago — that’s not just because the internet gained popularity. The amount of adults that are choosing to get married later in life is increasing with each passing year. Humans are much more likely to adopt a dog first. With a combination of lifestyle changes and technology advancement, having something as popular as this can help change the way pet owners find resources available to their cute and furry loved ones.

With the business portion of their site, they help potential pet owners, too. BizBark supports successful adoptions at animal shelter which are a savior to many pets who came from places where they could not stay and are just looking for their forever family. They help build an online community that’s connected. By connecting through the app, new pet parents can learn about updated medical records instantly. They provide easy scheduling for appointments and even help with local searches of potential animals ready to be adopted. This is revolutionary in the search to find animals homes.

Being a pet parent is something that people don’t understand until they do it. Pets are a part of the family. For these owners who want the best for their pet and to not have to jump through multiple hoops and websites to find resources available for their fur baby, BabelBark can provide that for them. It’s a company that’s unique in the way that the company is owned by people who truly believe in their service. Some businesses are owned by business men in women who are in it for the dollars. These guys started a company with their pets in mind and that type of passionate translates directly into their work. From software engineers to co-owners of a company, Roy and Bill took their love of dogs, and decided to find a way to make pet parenting easier and safer when it comes to leaving them with others, businesses supporting pets, and vets who can provide their expertise into making the healthiest and happiest pets out there who have an owner who loves them more than anything.


New app connects all care givers

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