The NYU Dispatch | BabelBark Fosters a Community for Pet Owners, Businesses and Vets

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In the digital age of communication, there are literally tons of apps available to make consumer and business life easier, more entertaining, of even increase efficiency. Arguably one of the best features of mobile applications is creating a brand community of people, while also providing a product or service. There are so many apps available it’s hard to choose from or know what to pick. From social media to food delivery, there’s something for everyone. A new unique company is revolutionizing the way we think of petcare– through an application.

The co-founders of the company BabelBark Roy Stein and Bill Rebozo, started their idea back in 2015. The duo came to a dilemma when it came to leaving their furry loves at home while on vacation. As software engineers, they decided to toy around and create an app for their pet sitters that allowed them to essentially keep tabs on their animals. The popularity within their social circle and community became so apparent that it inspired them to launch the app for everyone. The company did a soft launch in 2018 and fully launched this year.

Bill helped to design software for large tech giants, so it’s no surprise that he would create such an evolutionary app with a personal touch.

Bill said,“BabelBark is the only digital platform that brings pet parents, pet businesses + shelters, and veterinary clinics together—so your dog or cat can live the happiest, healthiest life possible.”

Roy and Bill worked together for nearly a decade before deciding to launch BabelBark, and it was all because they had to leave their puppers home when they traveled. For a business duo who also love dogs, they combined their passion for business and pets into a solution for everyone.

Roy said, “BabelBark is the ultimate solution to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy throughout life. It connects you with the people you trust to co-care—tracking your pet’s health, helping you find caregivers, and allowing easy access to your pet’s health dashboard within your shared pet community.”

For such a brand new company, their success is demonstrated in numbers. BabelBark has connected over 650 pet businesses and 200,000+ pets. They continue to grow each month. The unique thing about their business model is that it is something that is special about the current climate of millenials. Millenials are shown to marry later in life and opting to adopt pets in their twenties. Because they aren’t having children, their pets are their kids to them and they want them to receive the best care. So BabelBark is not successful just because of technology and the internet advancements over the past two decades, it also has a lot to do with the cultural demographics. Pets are part of the family, and it’s hard to leave them when people decide to travel or vacation. Some people even decide to stay home sometimes for a lack of a trusted pet sitter, but with something like this, individuals can travel worry free, knowing that their pet is getting the best care possible.

For such a young company, BabelBark managed to raise $8.6M in funds so far and continues to grow, with this projected model, they are on the fast-track to success. Because Roy & Bill are entrepreneurial spirits, their app is the first of its kind in the market, giving them an industry advantage.

BabelBark does more than just connect pet sitters. It’s expanded its connections to BizBark & BabelVet. BizBark connects pet businesses and pet owners who want to learn more about those businesses. With innovative minds, the co-founders created a way for businesses to directly connect with pet owners in their own little community. BizBark understands that pet services often are locally needed and therefore offer options for local businesses to connect with pet parents. Bizbark creates a B2C conversation that may not have happened otherwise. It’s great marketing for the business partners.

BabelVet is one of the most popular features of the app. Until the rise of the internet, people would have to chat with friends and family about choosing a vet. Everything was based off word of mouth reviews, but now, internet reviews and Facebook posts are highly regarded when it comes to trusting a brand. BabelVet offers a way to directly connect vets with pet owners, and eliminates the hassle of scouring the internet for hours looking for a trusted vet. The American Animal Hospital Association as the exclusive vet-pet platform until December of 2021 to over 4400 clinics. BabelVet is being seen as the solution to veterinary clinics. The creation of a digital pet community is something that will revolutionize the way consumers and businesses view petcare.

With pet sitters, business services, vet clinics, and even shelter options, BabelBark truly offers a one-of-a kind service to all involved. It not only provides and ease of mind to pet owners, it also ensures that pets are actually receiving the best care out there. Leaving pets at home with a new sitter can be scary for the owners, but this app revolutionizes the way that consumers and businesses think about pet care.


BabelBark fosters a community for pet owners, businesses and vets

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