Alpha Pack Subscription

$34.99 a Year


Alpha Pack By BabelBark

Get more from the app and hold all of your pet’s information at your fingertips. Keep track of their daily activity, medications, and medical history.

  • 24/7 helpline for pet health issues or emergencies
  • 24/7 helpline for lost pets
  • Special ID tag linked to your pet’s microchip


Unbundled Alpha Subscriptions

Get what you need from Alpha Pack. With two unbundled options, you can choose what fits best for you and your pet.


24/7 Veterinary Hotline

Connect with veterinary experts anytime and anywhere.

$24.99 Year

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Lost and Found Hotline

A 24/7 support service that manages the search if your pet does go missing.

$19.99 Year

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Health Monitors

The most intelligent health monitors that sync activity, breed, and health insights to the BabelBark app.

Flash Health Monitor

Smart, petite, and classic


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Shine Health Monitor

Bold and waterproof


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