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Pets Get Physical: Activity Tracking for Your Pet.

It makes sense to track your activity.  You’ve got a lot going on.  Maybe you work in an office, so keeping tabs on your steps in each day helps you ensure you’re getting active.  Perhaps you’re training for a marathon, and it’s important that you compensate calories out with calories in.  We track our activity for a multitude of reasons, like the fact that we’re crazy busy and we just want a little more clarity on how we’re spending our time.  It makes sense for people to track their own activity, it makes even more sense to track your pets’ because they can’t talk.

Keeping an eye on your pet’s activity can tell you exorbitant amounts of information about your pet’s overall health.  If your dog has just had a surgery, your vet might find it useful to monitor your pets activity in the days following the procedure to ensure adequate recovery compliance.  Your otherwise very-friendly pooch may be getting snappy when she’s overtired, and her trainer may want to monitor her energy.  With the data at your fingertips, you can track, view, assess and evaluate their habits and establish better care plans for your pet.

How it Works

By inputting your pet’s basic health + nutrition information and goals, the BabelBark app establishes their daily point goals. Cats and Dogs both have the option to use the app with the health monitor for tracking activity against said goal.  The health monitor attaches to your pets collar and seamlessly links with your BabelBark app.  The device itself is a human grade monitor— with over one million devices in the market, these have been used in human medical studies.  Our monitor uses activity points measure activity, not steps. Because, think about it, small dogs put in a lot more steps and energy than larger dogs do for the same distance. Activity Points are based on a dog’s weight and age to give a baseline daily goal.  

You can still track those activity goals without a monitor by using the GPS feature within the app.  This feature isn’t linked to your pet, but rather your phone.  While it won’t be able to track your pets all day activity, you’ll be able to track your daily walks and measure them in the same way against your dogs daily goal.  (Unfortunately, a lot of the cats we know don’t like leashes, so this option isn’t the best for our feline friends)

Tracking and setting your pets goals are great for personal use, but even better when you share them with your pet providers. A connected community ensures  better knowledge and thus better care for your pets overall health.  We’re all in this together.

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