Odyssey | BabelBark Creates Community For Pet Owners, Veterinarians & Businesses

by Corinne McCaslin Sep 16, 2019
Originally Published by Odyssey

Technology is an integrated facet of the digital era of humanity. Even being a pet owner might mean using technology that benefits you and your furry friends. For one company, they combined personal concerns with innovative solutions to give pet parents and their communities a peace of mind knowing their pets are safe and loved. BabelBark is an excellent representation of how technology and software blends into being a pet owner.

The company was started by two software engineering pals who created a solution to a problem. Roy Stein and Bill Rebozo simply wanted to take a vacation, but were worried about their fur babies while away. As tech detectives, they did what any software guy would do — they engineered an app that allowed them to check on their pets while they are away. They were able to keep in contact with the pet sitter and stay worry-free while away.

As the popularity of the app increased, the duo decided to make it available to all consumers. With the recent official launch, they also added other facets of the business that can help foster an online pet community dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of all pets.

“Each pet has unique needs. Whether you have a young dog that craves activity or an older dog with medical conditions, BabelBark provides the support you need to manage their happy and healthy lives. We designed BabelBark as a “multi-tool” capable of supporting any combination of people and pets. BabelBark also supports cats!” -Rebozo

BabelBark helps to connect pet sitters and pet owners. Finding a pet sitter isn’t always the easiest task. Trusting someone with your pet is a lot of trust to put into one person. But with BabelBark, they make it easy. To further the care a pet receives, the company created another extension called BabelVet which connects veterinarians and clinics with local pet owners. Picking out a vet can be just as hard as finding a primary care doctor. Vet clinics are eager to work alongside BabelVet and care for new furry friends. To fully integrate the pet community, the company offers BizBark, which showcases local businesses within the pet community that can benefit and provide the added extras that comes with being a pet owner. 

“There’s never been a better way to link everybody in a pet’s life. BabelBark is the only digital platform that brings everyone in a pet’s life together, because BabelBark links to BizBark for pet businesses + shelters and BabelVet for veterinary hospitals + clinics. So, everyone’s on the same page when it comes to care because everyone’s viewing the same profile.” – Stein

The success of BabelBark comes for a few reasons.

First, the company is the first and only horizontal PeTech platform, which gives it substantial competitive industry advantage.

Secondly, generational changes induce shifts in consumer behavior. With the current millennial purchasing behaviors and lifestyle, they are deciding to delay having children and getting married, but in replace of that, they are choosing to adopt pets. Because they don’t have the responsibility of financially caring for a child, they are making sure their pet has luxury items. Most pets are living their best life with millennial parents.

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