A team of movers and shakers at your back. Meet the Team

Disruptors, visionaries, executives… the management team at BabelBark is building a brighter future for pets and pet parents.

Roy Stein

Founder and CEO

Roy has a proven track record in building businesses and turning a problem or company around. His strong skills as a communicator and team builder has enabled him to successfully lead both mature corporations and new ventures in operations, business operations, corporate development, and revenue generation. With over 20 years experience leading, building, and operating business units and companies, he understands the nuances of technology integration, product development and generating widespread adoption in the marketplace. Prior to BabelBark, Roy held executive leadership roles and led business units in EnergyPoints (Co Founder and COO, was acquired in 2014 by Lux Research), GridPoint Inc. (VP Operations, acquired by TFC Utilities), Comverse Technologies Inc. (public company, VP Corp Dev) and Comverse Billing Systems Ltd (VP Operations, acquired by Amdocs).

Roy and Bill Rebozo have worked together for over a decade and they founded BabelBark to solve a need they had themselves as pet parents who need to take care of Doog (Bill’s Lab mastiff mix) and Mishmish (Roy’s Goldendoodle). BabelBark was first conceived for their own private use and has grown from that to the size and market adoption it has today.

Bill Rebozo

Founder, Product & Market Strategy

Bill has developed software at large companies like Microsoft, small scrappy startups and everything in between. Working as a developer, product manager, or executive, Bill has played key roles building and delivering: enterprise software, military grade VoIP, smart grid solutions, worldwide content platforms, digital marketing systems, and global software development platforms.

Bill has served as VP of Product & Market Strategy at EnergyPoints, Director of Product Development at GridPoint, Director of Global Business Development at Twisted Pair Solutions, and his coolest title was Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

Bill works thru a rare combination of business acumen and technical know-how to drive revenue growth through strategic planning, product development, business development and execution. Bill is a proven talent for conceptualizing, building and delivering concepts from ideas to cash flow positive businesses.

At BabelBark, Bill believes the smart use of technology can help our pets live happier and healthier lives and is using his lifelong software experience to give them a voice.

Robert Christensen

Chief Technology Officer

A technology leader for over 20 years, Rob is a hands-on architect known for building strong teams and fostering new technology. His deep roots in software and his business experience have delivered numerous innovations and award-winning products. He created one of the largest cloud AI products available today, the first B2B eCommerce product on Salesforce.com, and the first mobile scouting product used by the NBA.

Before joining BabelBark, Rob held numerous leadership roles including Chief Predictive Architect and VP of R&D at Insidesales.com, Senior VP eCommerce at EDL Consulting (acquired by Simplus), and Director of Development at HELPInnovations (acquired). He also founded Integr8ted Technology (now Insidesales.com) and started Utah.gov (becoming the #1 state web portal within three years).

At BabelBark, Rob’s goal is to build a user-friendly, collaborative app that everyone will love. Pet parents will find BabelBark easy to use, veterinarians will find that it seamlessly integrates with their own practice management software, pet businesses and shelters will enjoy mobile connectivity, and everyone will be able to take part in improving the lives of the pets in their community.