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It Takes a Village to Raise a Pet

We’ve all heard the phrase, and maybe we’ve rolled an eye or two at the lady who says it a little too often.  But when it comes to taking the best care of your fur child, it couldn’t be more true!  The BabelBark platform makes it ridiculously easy to communicate with your pet’s support village— whether you’re sharing pet profiles with your in-laws while you take a weekend trip, or communicating with your veterinarian about a bump you noticed.


Sharing is Caring

BabelBark makes it easy to care for your pet.  It’s the one app you can manage all of your pet’s information.  We’ve already walked through how to set up your pet’s profile and get fully acquainted with the app— so now what? Well, one of the very first things you can do after setting up the app is request your pets medical records.  No emails, no phone calls; just enter your veterinary info, swipe and you’re set.  The coolest part?  Once your medical records are stored in the app, you can share them with anyone you’d like.  Last minute groomer appointment— you’re set.  

But it’s not only service providers you can share with. You can literally share your profile with anyone you like enough to share it with!  Say you’re going on a business trip over the weekend and Cheech has to stay with his grandparents (we all know grandparents give fur babies extra treats).  When you share your profile they’ll know exactly what food, how much, how active, how… you name it.  No more writing everything down on post-its and hoping they remember.

And don’t forget, in the case of an emergency, you’ll want to record your pet’s microchip ID in the app.  This. Is. Important.


Your Pet’s Inner Circle

Your groomer, trainer, veterinarian all view your pets health and wellbeing through their own lens— each working like a piece of a larger, more healthy, puzzle.  BabelBark works to bring all of these key players together.  When your service provider uses BabelBark’s professional platform, you can share information your groomer has given you, progress reports from your trainer, and medical updates from your veterinarian.  As always, you are in total control of who can see any of your pet’s information.

Chances are your groomer sees your pooch more often than your vet does.  Let’s say they’re coiffing, fluffing and buffing, when they find a bump that wasn’t there the last time; something so small you hadn’t even noticed.  With a connected ecosystem of pet providers, you can easily share the groomers findings with your veterinarian all within one app!  

When your providers are registered to BabelBark, you can easily schedule and reschedule appointments directly through the app.  If you never want to talk to anyone on the phone ever again, so be it!  (Groomers, trainers, imagine all the time you could save scheduling and coordinating— it’s all done for you!  AND YOU CAN USE IT FOR FREE!)  Bonus: you can receive promotions directly through the app!  No more trying to filter out that email coupon that you accidentally, maybe deleted last week.


We could talk all day about the importance and, let’s be honest, the convenience of a connected ecosystem of pet caretakers.  BabelBark exists to revolutionize pet ownership; to allow you to spend less time juggling things, and more time cuddling (fuzzy) things.

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