Insight Into the Beginning of BabelBark

An Interview with Roy Stein, CEO

Roy Stein was recently featured in IdeaMensch where he discusses the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to try, and try again, until you succeed. What solution was Roy and business partner Bill Rebozo building? Just a little something for their own pets – to help them keep tabs on what’s happening with their dogs when they were on vacation (and the dogs were with pet sitters). 

That little something turned out to be a huge success. Today, it’s a suite of products to improve the quality of life for pets, pet parents, and pet caregivers, including the BabelBark app for pet owners, BabelVet for veterinary hospitals, and BizBark for groomers, trainers, shelters and other pet professionals.

The result – the ability to connect everyone who cares for a pet.

Read the interview with Roy to see what it took to bring his idea to life.  

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