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In Case of Lost Pet – Open the BabelBark App

By Bruce Truman, VP of Marketing, BabelBark

It happens to the best of us – the leash breaks, the dog slips the collar off, the door isn’t latched – and suddenly your dog is missing. In honor of National Pet ID week, take a few moments to consider how you can identify your pets in the event they go missing.

During those initial frantic hours, what steps do you take? Call the neighbors to help in the search? Post signs? Call local shelters and veterinary hospitals?  Post on social media? According to an ASPCA survey1,

  • 49% of dog guardians found their dog by searching the neighborhood, and 15% of the dogs were recovered because they were wearing an ID tag or had a microchip;
  • 59% of cat guardians found their cat because it returned home on its own; 30% found their cat by searching the neighborhood; and
  • Only 6% of dog guardians and 2% of cat guardians found their lost pets at a shelter. 

The risk of losing a pet brings up an important tip for all pet owners – identify your pets with ID tags, tattoos, microchipping, QR tags, pet locator services, or GPS tracking devices. Each method comes with pros and cons, so it is important to choose the method that is best for you and the lifestyle of your pet. One option to include in your pet care toolbox is BabelBark.

You may be wondering how an app on your phone can help you when your pet is missing. For starters, the app has a feature for emergencies – it saves your primary care veterinarian and the emergency hospital for quick access, and it stores your pet’s registration and microchip ID to find a lost pet quickly. BabelBark also allows instant sharing of your pet’s journal and records – send information to local shelters, groomers, and veterinary hospitals about your missing pet and any medical conditions it may have.

When it comes to a lost pet, every minute counts. It is nice to have an app that has you covered. In just a few minutes, and you can send alerts about your lost pet, access emergency phone numbers, and share medical records if the pet is found injured and is at an emergency hospital. The BabelBark app for pet parents isn’t just a cool technology toy; it is an easy way to keep connected with all the pet professionals in your neighborhood and monitor the health of your pet daily. With BabelBark, pet parents are covered with features that can be used when the pet is healthy, sick, or lost.


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