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Health Monitor Questions

We have the answers.

How is activity measured?

BabelBark utilizes an intelligent, point-based system combining steps, active time, and distance into a single point tailored to your pet’s age, weight and breed. 

10 minutes of walking = 50 points 

10 minutes of jogging = 100 points 

10 minutes of running = 150 points

Why not just steps?

A point system adjusts to being relevant for all sizes, shapes, and strides. 

The number of steps a Great Dane and Chihuahua takes to walk the same distance is very different. 

Similarly, the activity intensity of a Labrador Retriever and English Bulldog during a 5-minute play session is very different. The variety makes a point-based system highly relevant to your dog.

How do you know what is good for my pet?

The BabelBark mobile app captures activity, measured in points, from the fitness monitor built into the app. These points are used to create goals, compare time periods, and compare similar pets.

We have an Activity Calculator built into the app that shows the average number of daily points based on age and weight. We continually update comparative benchmarks (including breed and medical conditions) as we continue to collect baseline data over time.

How do I connect my health monitor to the BabelBark app?

A quick video about pairing and syncing the health monitor with your mobile app is available. Click here to view.

  • It’s time to get moving!  Press the center of your device, don’t hold it.  This’ll wake it up. LED lights will appear around the edge confirming it’s really awake.
  • Open the app and go to the “Activity” tile to pair your device.  
  • PS, make sure your monitor is within 1-2 feet of your device.

If you are having difficulties connecting with the health monitor please try the following steps:

  • Make sure the battery is charged by pressing the center of the health monitor and verify the LED lights display around the edge. If the lights do not display, replace the battery. Click here to see how. We highly recommend that your phone and the battery level of the health monitor is higher than 30% during the syncing process.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on your phone off and then back on.
  • Un-pair the device from the phone’s Bluetooth connection.
  • Make sure the fitness monitor is not close to any phone that is was connected to previously.
  • Close the BabelBark app and reopen.
  • Restart the phone.

If you are still experiencing difficulties contact us at 800.966.3428. To return your device please click here.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts up to 6 months and is available at most grocery/convenience stores for about $2. It’s easy to replace.

Just remove the health monitor from the collar, take the back cover off, and replace the battery. Make sure the cover is secure after you replace the battery to ensure it stays waterproof.

The battery shipped with the device is not rechargeable.

Is the health monitor safe for my pet?

The health monitor uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology which emits a fraction of the radiation humans receive thru mobile phones. Monitors are also FCC compliant and within the specifications followed by any other products considered to be safe.

The health monitor uses a 2032 “watch” battery which contains lithium. If your pet ingests the monitor with battery, it must be treated by a veterinarian immediately.

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