Health Monitor Beta Two

Yay! You’ve Been Selected.

Due to an overwhelming number of responses, we’ve decided to break our beta testing into two groups!  We’d like to welcome you to Beta TWO.

What the heck does that mean?  You’ve been selected to take part in our second (even more fun?!) beta test.  The best part?  You get a free health monitor AND you’ll have a discount code to give to a friend.

From all of us at BabelBark, thank you for participating!

NOTE: at this time, only US and Canadian customers are eligible for this beta.  This email includes your complete instructions.  Do not delete this email!

If you need support along the way, visit us here.



What you’ll be testing


We’re asking each participant to order their free white monitor (linked below).  With each monitor, you’ll receive two different connector types; one will attach directly to the collar, one will attach as a pendant.  Pick whichever connector you’d like to use for testing.  We are surveying the effectiveness of each connector.

You will be asked to complete several surveys throughout this testing (more information to come, keep checking your email)!

Tag @BabelBark on instagram as your pup tests out the monitor with hashtag #babelbarkfit, and share the referral code below for 20% off a health monitor for a friend!



Fitness is better with a friend! 
Pass along code  thankyoubeta  to share the fun



Download + Configure the App

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s time to get your account set up in the BabelBark app.  It’s best to get your profile up and running while your order ships!

1.  Create a pet profile.  Name the profile your pet’s name and in parentheses, which connector you used.  example: Duke (pendant) or Duke (collar) 

2.  Fill out each pet profile with your pets real details, including: birthdate, breed, and age.


Pair Your Health Monitor

Follow the instructions linked here to pair your health monitor with the BabelBark app.


Under the “Activity” section of the app, sync your monitor DAILY by pulling the screen down.







Pet Parents