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BabelBark: We Speak Dog.


We know you love your pet (that’s why you downloaded BabelBark— go you!), and we’re here to make caring for your bundle of fluff more convenient.  You’ve set up your pet’s profile, now what? Let’s walk through a few key features of the app that’ll make your life way easier.

The Short Version:

Home: This page is a one-stop feed for all things related to your dog.  Appointment with the groomer? Here. Heartworm medication due at 8:00 AM tomorrow? Here.

Health: Literally everything related to your pet’s health. Store medical records, vaccination reminders, medication list. Keep a medical journal. Track nutrition and weight. Emergency and lost pet support also available here (PS- you’ve gotta check out AlphaPack)!

Services:  Find the best pet service providers in your area, save your favorites, and book appointments.

Activity: Link up the fitness tracker and see if you’re pup is actually working off all those treats.

More:  Edit, add and share pet profiles.

The Long Version:


Your home page is a personalized feed that keeps you in the loop, no matter where you are. Track your pet’s activity (our easy to use fitness tracker attaches right on their collar), keep up to date on medications and appointments, and read relevant blog posts. Kind of like a personal assistant… for your dog.


Picture this— you’ve just reserved an exclusive suite for Bubba at the most chic animal hotel in town. Bags are packed and you can almost smell those beefy treats. All you need to do is drop him off along with his medical record… but… he ate it.

Don’t risk it!  Store your pets medical records and vaccination report in the BabelBark app. The best part? You can request the medical records right from your phone. No annoying phone calls or extra visits.  We’ve got you.

You’re pet’s privacy is our priority— you, and only you, control who you share their information with.

Nutrition and Weight

Has your vet mentioned putting Fido on a diet? You’re not alone. Obesity in pets brings on a host of other medical conditions, more doctor visits and more $ out of your pocket. Enter your feed, amount, frequency, current weight and target weight into the app. Use the activity tracker to determine when and where you should make adjustments to your dogs lifestyle.


Whether you just moved to a new town, or you’re just looking for the best of the best, you can find the top rated pet service providers right here.  Once you’ve found your favorites, add them to your provider list. With the swipe of your finger you can seamlessly share your pets profile— no more juggling with paper files or emailing back and forth between your vet and groomer. Seriously, it’s really that easy.


A tired dog is a happy dog.  The amount of activity your pet gets plays a huge role in not only weight management, but in overall behavior.  The optional BabelBark tracker measures a pet’s activity so you know if they need more exercise, or to chill out.


This is where you’d go to edit your settings, manage and share pet profiles. [Read: this is where you update your doggy profile pic]


And there you go!  Now that you know the ins and outs of BabelBark, you can get back to cuddling your dog and playing fetch.  Have any lingering questions? We’ve got you covered.



Remember when we mentioned Alpha Pack?

That’s our premium service that gives you access to our 24/7 veterinary helpline, 24/7 lost pet helpline, and a special SmartTag ID.  Think of it like an amber alert, but for your dog.



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