NEWTON, Mass., November 12, 2019 – The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) endorses the concept of pet health insurance to help defray the cost of veterinary medical care and encourages healthcare teams to proactively educate their clients about their insurance options. To support the AVMA’s recommendation, BabelBark, Inc., a pet-related software developer, has partnered with the newly launched The consumer advocacy insurance resource allows pet parents to research and review the top-rated pet insurers in the United States. 

“Insurance is one of the most challenging topics for veterinary professionals to bridge to and is loaded with a ton of questions from pet owners: which is the most cost-effective, what is covered, etc.,” says Bruce Truman, vice president of sales and marketing for BabelBark. “ will help veterinarians and technicians support the need for insurance without having to advocate for a particular company or policy.”  

BabelBark will direct the hundreds of thousands of pet parents to as their resource for evaluating pet insurance carriers. is free and is designed without rankings to ensure consumers have an unbiased view of the pet insurance products available in the United States. It is owned by Petegrity and launched this week. 

“BabelBark is leading the pack with innovation in the pet tech space. We are proud they see the value in easing the strain on practices while at the same time still elevating pet insurance for pet parents by providing them with an unbiased view of their insurance options,” says John Wycoff, CEO of Petegrity.

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About is a consumer advocacy website designed to give pet parents the opportunity to research, review and compare top rated pet insurance companies. Owned by Petegrity, is free and is designed without rankings to ensure an unbiased view of insurance carriers.


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