Newton, Mass. – March 4, 2019 – BabelBark, Inc., a pet-related software developer, announces the commercial launch of BizBark Pro, the only digital software platform designed to help small pet business owners, including pet stores, boarders, groomers, trainers and shelters, successfully manage and grow their businesses.

Today, more than 125,000 pet groomers, boarders, dog walkers and trainers are competing for the $8 billion in revenue forecasted for 2019. These and other pet-related services are growing at a rate of 5.3 percent a year, causing many small, local businesses to struggle to compete against the large big-box stores that now offer these profitable services. These large retailers also have significant marketing budgets, that are hard to compete with, to keep their brand top of mind with consumers and draw traffic to their stores.

But there is good news for the small business owner. The largest demographic ownership of pets are millennial pet parents, who prefer to shop locally and are incredibly tech savvy. This generation of pet owner wants everything for their pet at their fingertips.

To assist small business owners, BabelBark has commercially released BizBark, a revolutionary new platform that connects local businesses directly to pet owners.

“BizBark disrupts the traditional balance of competition power,” says Roy Stein, founder and CEO of BabelBark. “It allows the local neighborhood business to not only compete, but also completely leapfrog traditional competitors despite their larger marketing budgets and technical acumen simply by connecting directly to the pet owner.”

BizBark creates a community of support focused on a pet’s needs. BizBark Pro is simple and easy to use, working directly on a business owner’s laptop, tablet or phone. BizBark Pro allows owners to manage communications and marketing all through a single platform.

  • Scheduling, appointment reminders and contacts management built right in
  • Target promotions to drive traffic, such as a discounted first visit for new clients or newly adopted pets
  • Make it easy for new customers to find you. Search engine enhancement is included to make results smarter
  • Pet parents can share medical records and vaccination records right to BizBark
  • Trainers and Nutrition Specialists will have access to BabelBark Health Monitor to ensure pets are getting the correct amount of activity. In addition, the pet’s diet history provides detailed information on current brands, including: caloric content, ingredients and nutritional stats.
  • Veterinarians will ensure medication compliance by seeing not only which medications a pet is taking, but when each dose was delivered and the overall compliance rating.

BizBark is a part of an entire ecosystem, connecting pet businesses, veterinarians and caregivers of a pet all in one place. The platform links to BabelBark for Pet Parents, connecting parents with those who co-care for their pets; and BabelVet for Veterinarians, enabling vets to share notes, observations, medical records and even recommendations.

BizBark is also an incredible connection tool for animal shelters. The platform provides animal shelters with the ability to consistently communicate with new pet parents with information sharing and support for successful transitions.

BizBark Basic is available for free with upgrades to BizBark Pro available. Learn more about BizBark at


About BabelBark, Inc.

BabelBark is a unique digital platform dedicated to easily connecting families to the many facets of their pet’s life. The integrated app and software system help pet parents better understand their dog or cat to provide them the happiest and healthiest life possible, while also helping pet businesses and veterinarians communicate directly to customers and clients. Ultimately, it means BabelBark can help connect the love for each pet while revolutionizing veterinary care and pet business models, giving pet parents a key tool they want — a digital and personal healthcare team. For more information visit BabelBarkBizBark and BabelVet or email at

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