Leading Pet Software Platform Now Available in English-Speaking Countries Worldwide

Newton, Mass. – Dec. 12, 2017 – BabelBark, a pet related software developer, today announced a significant expansion of its revolutionary mobile app and software platform into English-speaking countries and territories including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the U.K. This expansion outside of the U.S. and Canada will bring the emerging BabelBark platform, which is redefining the pet care connection, to millions of pet parents, pet vendors and veterinarians worldwide to help dogs live happy, healthy lives.

BabelBark is a digital platform with a mobile application which combines 24/7 activity monitoring, connection to primary care and emergency veterinary services, medical records and medication reminders, regional/local service providers and tailor-matched products to prescriptively and proactively help pet parents monitor and manage their dog’s unique needs. It accomplishes this by connecting their dog’s information and activity with their favorite veterinarian, pet store, walker, pet sitter, boarding kennel and more within their identified pet care community.

The BabelBark community connection is further enhanced when the local pet businesses are also utilizing the BizBark or BabelVet vendor software platforms, which are designed to complete the BabelBark user experience. Not only does BabelBark streamline keeping track of a pet’s health information, but it can create a community of support where everyone is focused on the pet’s needs, sharing the love connection. No other solution on the market incorporates these connections.

“After targeting 85 million pet owning families in the U.S and Canada, our rollout of BabelBark to English-speaking territories across the globe will unlock a huge potential for pet parents worldwide,” said Bill Rebozo, founder, product and market strategist for BabelBark. “No matter where the pet parent is located, in the U.S., U.K. or another country, they can easily find pet-related services nearby with the swipe of a finger. In addition, when pet owners travel abroad with their pet, they can rest easier with our new global footprint.”

Redefining Pet Care Connections

BabelBark is a fully collaborative platform and an ingenious suite of products including:

  • BabelBark, a mobile app helping pet parents manage their dog’s records, medications, diet, activity and more. And, adding an optional health monitor will only enhance the pet owner’s ability to improve their pet’s health. The app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play for free.
  • BizBark, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps independent pet businesses such as groomers, shelters, walkers, boarders, and other pet care businesses manage and market their products and services, and keep top of mind with their customers. Pet businesses can register and enroll by going to
  • BabelVet, a powerful platform which fully integrates with a veterinarian’s practice management software allowing the ability to share a pet’s full profile and health care stats. Everything from exercise levels to diet data to medicine dosage to vaccination records, all in one easy-to-access place. Enrolling as a clinic is easy at

These platforms utilize a comprehensive software integration with mobile applications, intelligent cloud analytics and marketing tools to connect owners and their dogs with veterinarians, shelters and vendors — all in a comprehensive and integrated solution to optimize the life of each dog and each business connected to their care.

“BabelBark’s growth outside of the U.S. marks the next step in our company’s global expansion,” said Roy Stein, founder and CEO of BabelBark. “The opportunity in front of us is to build BabelBark into the definitive destination for pet parents, veterinarians and pet businesses. We’re tremendously excited about the expansion and to bring a host of pet-related services under one umbrella across the globe.”

About BabelBark

BabelBark is dedicated to bringing families an easy way to connect the many facets of their dog’s life through mobile applications that monitor their dog’s activity and care, and connects with their favorite veterinarian, pet store, shelter, groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, and more via BizBark and BabelVet. It helps pet parents better understand their dog and provides them the happiest and healthiest life possible, while helping pet businesses and veterinarians maintain a closer relationship with their customers and clients to enhance the love connection to the pet.  For more information visit BabelBark, BizBark and BabelVet or email at

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