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Have the peace of mind to keep your best friend safe and healthy with our 24/7 pet support services.

Save time & money when you talk to a Vet before you visit.

Tracks steps, medications, and more in our free app.

Instantly notify shelters of lost pets to find them fast.

Connect your pet’s entire life and services on one platform.

Lost & Found Support

When your pet is lost, get instant help finding them.

  • Lost & Found Support
  • Single point of contact to manage
  • Notifies local shelters and vets
  • Special ID tag linked to microchip ID


24/7 Pet Health Helpline

Any pet health question at any time is just a call away.

  • Pet Health Helpline
  • Vet expert guidance
  • Calls transcribed in BabelBark's App.
  • Available 24/7


Full Access Bundle

Combine the power of a 24/7 Vet helpline with an emergency lost pet service for one low price.

  • Pet Health Helpline
  • Vet expert guidance
  • Transcribed calls added to BabelBark journal.
  • Available 24/7
  • Lost & Found Support
  • Single point of contact to manage
  • Notifies shelters and vets in your area
  • Special ID tag linked to microchip ID


Don't have the BabelBark app yet?

The ultimate solution to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy throughout life.

  • Monitor Your Pet’s Health
  • Obtain and Share Medical History
  • Track Food & Activity
  • Find local Vets, Groomers, Walkers & More
  • Receive Health Reminders
  • Personalized Pet News & Information

Download for Free on Apple or Android.

Download the BabelBark for Pet Parents app for IOS from the App Store.
Download the BabelBark for Pet Parents app for Android from Google Play.

This monitor is one smart puppy.

The BabelBark health monitor works with the app to seamlessly deliver health data to everyone that cares for your pet. When your pet wears the monitor, it continually syncs with the app to update it, so you don’t have to.

Alpha Pack Questions?

We have the answers.

I lost my pet’s Alpha Pack ID tag. How can I get another one?

Contact us at or 1-800-966-3428 to request a new tag.

Does Alpha Pack work for multiple pets? Do I need a subscription for each one?

Yes, a separate subscription is required for each pet.

What if my pet is hurt or lost when we’re traveling? Can Alpha Pack help if we aren’t at home?

Alpha Pack will connect you with local resources, wherever you and your pet travel* In order for Alpha Pack to work locally certain that location services are enabled on your mobile device and that the BabelBark app can access your location.
*Anywhere in North America

How does the Alpha Pack ID tag help get my lost pet home?

Your pet’s Alpha Pack ID tag is engraved with a toll-free lost pet hotline number and a unique ID number for your pet. If your pet is lost or missing, call the hotline and your Alpha Pack contact will notify shelters, rescue groups, veterinarian offices and lost pet websites within 50 miles of your pet’s last known location.

When your pet is found, the person who finds them simply calls the toll-free number. Your Alpha Pack contact will contact you and help you coordinate getting your pet home again.

My dog has a microchip. Can’t I just call the microchip company if my pet is lost?

Microchip scanning is inconvenient for the person who locates your lost pet and isn’t always successful in reuniting owners and pets. In order to get an owner’s contact information, a pet’s microchip must be scanned by a veterinarian or shelter. With the Alpha Pack ID tag, the person who finds your lost pet simply has to call the toll free number on the tag.

Further, microchips work on three different radio frequencies and if the veterinarian or shelter isn’t equipped with the right reader, they will be unable to read the chip. The Alpha Pack ID tag doesn’t rely on any particular technology…all it takes is a phone call.

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