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Alpha Pack – The Animal Amber Alert

This is not a test.  We repeat, this is not a test.

Remember when you were a kid, fire and police officers would come to your school and teach you what to do in case of an emergency?  We all know what to do if there’s a fire.  Depending on what region you live, you even know exactly what to do when a tornado or a hurricane strikes.  We know how to handle a car accident or a broken bone.  But what you might not know; the protocol you were never taught— what to do when a pet is in trouble.

In decades past, pet ownership wasn’t as commonplace.  Pets just weren’t as engrained and involved with our families and our homes.  In fact, today there are more than 135 million pets in American homes, more than double the amount from the 70’s.  Now we can’t imagine a world where our pooches aren’t pampered.  We treat our animals better than we treat most people—  they’ll never let you down and don’t talk back so we get it.  That being said, do you have an emergency plan for your dog?

Probably not.  We don’t like to think of worst case scenarios when it comes to our fur babies, but the harsh reality is… life happens.  While we hope the day never comes when we’d have to put our plan into place, it’s important to have one.  This is where Alpha Pack comes into play.  A one year membership costs $34.95 (that’s like three and a half fancy coffees from that instagramable place).  The service offers 24/7 peace of mind.  Seriously.  A 24/7 veterinary helpline, 24/7 lost pet helpline, and an exclusive BabelBark Smart Tag ID.

Medical Emergencies

If your dog has never eaten something he wasn’t supposed to (that chocolate you accidentally left out, his/her own poop, 27 pacifiers), I can tell you you’re in the minority.  It happens.  When you’re a member of Alpha Pack you can have access to a 24/7 veterinary helpline powered by WhiskerDocs.  Meaning, you can call them up no matter the hour and find out if you need to get your pug to the clinic tout de suite, or if you can rest easy knowing it’ll pass within hours.  This obviously isn’t only for accidental ingestion, but for any medical emergency.

Lost Pet Alerts

Imagine if you could put out an amber alert if your dog went missing.  Well, you kind of can.  With your Alpha Pack membership,  you receive a SmartTag ID engraved with your pet’s microchip information.  Should your pup get loose, you can call their 24/7 helpline and they’ll put out an alert for your dog. All shelters, rescue groups, veterinarian offices and lost-pet websites within a 50 mile radius of your pet’s last known location receive this alert.  It really is like an amber alert… for your dog!

Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re probably more than a little obsessed with your dog. There’s a lot of silly and half-way ridiculous ways to spend thirty-five-ish bucks, wouldn’t you rather put it towards something that could save your best furiends life?


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