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Imagine if our health was one fold. Go to the doctor, they give you the once over, tell you that you look good and you go. But it’s not. Our doctors want to know if we’re exercising, our trainers want to know what we’re eating, our dentists want to know how we’re sleeping. Our health is dynamic— as is the health of our pets.

This post is going to dive deep into using the Health tab of the BabelBark app. This is the place you’d go to hone in on any of the key components of your dogs health. It’s also where you’d go in the case of a pet emergency.

Pet Emergencies

While we all hope to never have to face a pet emergency, it’s crucial to have a plan in place for the “what ifs”. The best way to utilize the emergency functions is by subscribing to Alpha Pack. With your Alpha Pack subscription you’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to an emergency veterinary hotline. The use of this feature without your Alpha Pack subscription could cost you upwards of $40 per consultation. The emergency panel also provides quick access to your selected veterinary provider— no fumbling through google hoping you get the right phone number, just open the app and its there. You can also find your nearest emergency veterinary hospital with the click of a button.

For lost pets, a step by step guide for how to most effectively get your fur baby home safe is provided. With your Alpha Pack membership, you have access to a 24/7 lost pet helpline, and our microchip tag and database powered by SmartTag. In the event your animal should go missing, you can immediately report it. An alert is then sent to all shelters, rescue groups, veterinarian offices and lost-pet websites within a 50 mile radius of your pets last known location.

Health Data

Within the health tab you’ll find all of your pets medical data. One of the first steps we recommend is to request medical records. No need to call or visit your vet, just input your vets name and email, and BabelBark does the rest. You can view stored medical records, vaccination history, and add new vaccination data. You can also share the records to anyone directly from your phone.

Keeping tabs on your pets medications can be a little daunting in today’s fast paced world. To be sure you don’t miss any dosages, the health tab allows you to add new medications, view upcoming medications and monitor your compliance.

The medical journal is an important function to track anything and everything related to your dog or cats health. Whether you need to track behavior and habits while training, write a reminder about a questionable tick you found, upload a photo of your post-op healing— you can do it all here.

Have you ever had someone watch your pup for a weekend? Did you leave ten thousand sticky notes all over your kitchen denoting the exact time and amount of food to give, and which special dish it needs to be in? Post-it no more. Simply add your food brand, the amount and frequency, and you can share your pet profile with anyone who you trust enough to care for your bundle of fluff.

Did you know that nearly 56% of domestic dogs, and nearly 60% of cats are considered overweight? If your pet is on a diet plan, or if you’d just like to manage their weight, you can set your pets current weight and goal weight. You’ll be able to view his progress on a super simple dashboard, add new data and use this to set your new activity goals (you’ve gotta check out our health monitor!).

Don’t Forget Your Microchip

If there’s one thing you store in BabelBark, let it be this. Store. That. Microchip ID. Should anything ever happen to your dog, you don’t want to be digging around in your old papers, hoping that you might find your microchip information. It takes time to call your vet, or wait until they open before they can relay your information. When you need access to your microchip ID, you want it fast. Store it right when you download the app and never worry about it again.

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