AAHA Names BabelBark Exclusive Vet-to-Pet Healthcare Monitoring and Communications Software Provider

Newton, Mass. – April 25, 2019 – BabelBark, Inc., a pet-related application software developer, is proud to announce that it has been selected as the exclusive provider to the American Animal Hospital Association’s more than 4,426 accredited hospitals across Canada and the United States for vet-to-pet healthcare monitoring and communication applications and services.

As the only association to accredit animal hospitals, AAHA adheres to an elevated and strict level of standards in selecting partners to recommend and endorse. BabelVet and the BabelBark family of services is the only digital application and software platform designed to bring everyone in a pet’s life together into one ecosystem, to better manage pet care — from pet parents, pet businesses and shelters to veterinary clinics and trainers. Each caregiver has
access to share notes and observations with the pet owner and veterinarian.

“Exceptional care is paramount to AAHA and we now have a consistent and direct connection between the veterinarian and the client through BabelVet,” says AAHA’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (Emeritus). “The real-time connection BabelBark provides to every caretaker in a pet’s life in unprecedented. This knowledge is vital for us to elevate ongoing patient care.”

Connecting the pet owner and the veterinarian are now deeply rooted in the pet’s overall health. BabelVet brings both remote patient monitoring and real-time health monitoring that can set, manage and monitor a pet’s activity goals, providing immediate and critical information on a pet’s health.

“We are honored to have been selected by AAHA,” says Bruce Truman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BabelBark. “While many have said it takes a village to raise a child, this same is said for today’s pet. We are proud to create the only application and system to connect every aspect of a pet’s life in one place.”

The BabelBark phone app can be downloaded for free on the app store or on Google Play.

About BabelBark, Inc.
BabelVet helps veterinarians communicate directly to customers and clients. BabelBark is a unique digital platform dedicated to easily connecting families to the many facets of their pet’s life. The integrated app and software system help pet parents better understand their dog or cat to provide them the happiest and healthiest life possible., Ultimately, it means that BableVet and BabelBark can help connect the love for each pet while revolutionizing veterinary care and pet business models, giving pet parents a key tool, they want — a digital and personal healthcare team. For more information, visit BabelVet, BabelBark, and BizBark  or email at

About AAHA
The American Animal Hospital Association is the accrediting body for companion animal hospitals in the United States and Canada. Established in 1933 by leaders in the veterinary profession, AAHA seeks to improve standards of care, champion accreditation, and support member practices. AAHA membership allows every hospital staff member — from veterinarians to receptionists — to benefit from AAHA’s resources through one group membership. AAHA
also develops publications and educational programs and resources designed to help companion animal hospitals thrive. For more information, visit

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