Connecting the  lives of dogs

What is BabelBark, you ask?

 Good question!

BabelBark is a mobile app and software platform that connects pet parents, pet vendors and veterinarians to help dogs have the happiest and healthiest life possible!

And yes, it almost reads dogs’ minds!

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For Pet Parents

BabelBark  is way cool! It is a free mobile application, with an optional tracker for your dog's collar, that helps you track and manage your dog's happy, healthy life! How? By connecting your dog's information and activity with your favorite veterinarian, pet store, dog walker, pet sitter, boarding kennel and more! And not only that!  You can also receive alerts from your favorite vendors for reminders, coupons, discounts...well you get the idea.

For Pet Businesses

Are you a pet store, pet sitter, dog walker, boarding kennel, or do you serve wonderful pets for a living? BizBark is for you! It is the go-to solution to help you manage interaction with your clients and customers, keep in constant contact with them, upsell services and provide enticing offers to gain more business. And the best part is it's FREE!

For Veterinarians

If you are a veterinarian you know how tough it is to stay connected with your pet clients. That's where BabelVet  comes in. Our application integrates with your existing practice management software and marketing tools, providing client pet health and activity information to help you manage your clients' healthcare more effectively and efficiently.

BabelBarkFor Pet Parents


The BabelBark Mobile App connects pet parents to every aspect their dog's happy and healthy life with the click of a button.

  • Connecting your dog’s information with your favorite veterinarian and pet businesses and make scheduling a breeze.
  • Store and securely share medical records, lost & found information, pet licenses, and care details.
  • Collect and share details about your dog's diet, activity and medical dosages with your veterinarian.
  • Receive alerts for reminders, coupons, discounts from you preferred pet businesses.

BizBarkFor Pet Businesses


Free software to help you optimize and grow your pet business.

BizBark is simple but powerful software designed to connect regional pet businesses with customers. BizBark offers scheduling, contact management and advertising features which integrate directly with the BabelBark mobile app for pet parents. Customers schedule appointments, share medical records, receive promotions and more...all through BabelBark. 

  • Designed specifically for independent pet stores, dog boarders, walkers, sitters, groomers, and more.
    Import customers, promote product & services, and enable online scheduling in minutes.
  • Online portal runs on any device.
  • Enable customers to easily schedule and pay for services online.
  • Shared online access to customer details and pet profiles.
  • Create targeted promotions based on location, breed, age, brand preference and activity level. 

BabelVetFor Veterinarians


Revolutionizing the way veterinarians connect with pets and pet parents.

Our application integrates with your existing practice management software and marketing tools. It provides detailed health and activity information to help you understand your clients' pets better, and connect with customers more easily. 

  • Mobile app for pet parents generates reminders for annual visits, vaccinations and scheduled appointments.
  • Allows customers to access and share medical records so you don't have to.
  • Discover details about patient food brands, dosage history and activity between visits.
  • Collaborate directly with patients and code your recommendations directly into the interactive mobile app.
  • Integrates with your current practice management system.



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